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When you have to hire an attorney to help you resolve disputes within your family, it is essential that you choose a legal professional who is experienced both in the law and in offering personalized services to a wide variety of families.

I am attorney David B. Mitchell, and I have more than 30 years of experience helping families navigate the complexities of divorce litigation, including judgment modifications and support enforcement. At my firm, the Law Office of David B. Mitchell, P.A., I encourage my clients to consider the benefits of collaborative law or mediation services. Even as a certified family mediator, I firmly believe in the power of litigation, but it is not always necessary. In today's family law climate, most couples can benefit greatly from working together in an effort to create an agreement that suits their unique needs and goals for the future.

While divorce has become very common, the stigma surrounding it is still highly negative. Many of my clients, especially those dealing with high-asset divorce, prefer to work efficiently and quickly as they dissolve their marriage in a discreet fashion. As we develop your personal legal strategy, I will help you consider both your family's immediate needs and your long-term goals, including how best to serve the development of your children.

No two families are alike. It is my job to take the time to get to know your family dynamic in a holistic sense as I provide you with the practical information you need to make intelligent decisions about your situation.

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