Miami-Dade County Divorce Lawyer For Business Valuation

Divorce can have a severe impact on a business or professional practice. The valuation of a business or practice for divorce purposes is an important yet complex task that must be handled by a professional. At my Coral Gables firm, the Law Office of David B. Mitchell, P.A., I work with my clients and assemble a team of accounting experts and real estate appraisers as we assess the value of your business or practice.

Highly Experienced In Valuing Business Property

My clients with high net worth are often most concerned with confidentiality. I work with executives, professionals and athletes in an efficient, thorough and discreet manner so that they may focus on what matters most to them. I have more than 30 years of experience serving individuals throughout the Miami-Dade County area in a vast array of family law matters, including many high-asset needs regarding businesses, business property and professional practices.

I understand the importance of asset and business preservation, and I am committed to helping you attain a quiet outcome that is tax-planned and financially reasonable. In addition to my work as a lawyer, I am a certified family mediator and trained in alternative dispute resolution for collaborative divorce. I will also discuss methods of alternative dispute resolution with you as you pursue your goals for a brighter future.

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