Divorce Lawyer For Pension And Retirement Accounts In Miami-Dade County Divorce

Pension and retirement plans can be complex. For individuals navigating high-asset divorce, the division of these accounts can be the difference between a financially sound future and one that is challenging. In order to accurately negotiate this process, you should retain an experienced lawyer who will work diligently on your behalf.

I am Coral Gables-based attorney David B. Mitchell, and I have more than 30 years of experience working with individuals throughout Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. My clients appreciate the detailed, confidential representation I am able to provide as we efficiently work through their cases. I help you value and plan for the future of your:

  • IRAs
  • Stock interests
  • Pensions
  • QDROs

I will help you understand which elements of your pension are marital and non-marital. I will engage a pension expert who will participate in the valuation process. If you are a government employee or a military member, your pension will be appropriately handled as well.

Regardless of the length of your marriage and the size of your pension, I am prepared to help you understand this process so you can make informed choices about your financial future.

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