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September 2014 Archives

What you should know about retirement accounts and divorce?

Couples that are going through a divorce and have money invested in retirement plans will typically be required by the court to share these assets between them. In some cases, these shared assets may be given to one of the parties instead of being split between both parties. In these situations, having a proper understanding of the rules that govern asset division in a divorce may be helpful.

How does child support collections in FL work?

In the State of Florida, the Child Support Program has been administered by the Florida Department of Revenue since 1994. The departmental staff oversees support services for all aspects of the program in most counties. Currently there are only two counties that do not fall under the department's jurisdiction; Miami-Dade and Manatee Counties. In the case of Miami-Dade and Manatee County's, the State Attorney's Office and the Manatee County Clerk of Court oversee the child support services for the respective counties.

What are the tax implications of paying alimony?

How to handle alimony payments can be a tricky subject in Florida. Many people do not realize that since they are technically income, they must be accounted for by the recipient when income taxes are filed. That works both ways, however. The person making alimony payments can deduct them and thus lower their taxable income when filing their taxes.

Understanding parental alienation in divorce cases

It is important for a couple going through a divorce or separation to always make sure that any and all decisions they make leading up to and effectively ending the relationship must maintain the best interest of the children in mind when kid are involved. As long as there is no abuse, there is wide consensus that in any child custody situation children who maintain a healthy, nurturing and loving relationship with both parents are much better off than children who do not. Sadly, oftentimes a parent who is going through a particularly contentious separation may allow their emotions to get the better of them by willfully sabotaging the relationship that their children have with the other parent. This is commonly referred to as parental alienation.

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