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What does Florida do to ensure child support is paid?

Florida parents who share a child but are no longer together as a couple need to make certain that the child is adequately cared for and child support payments made on time and in full. Unfortunately, some parents do not adhere to this requirement. In some instances, there is a viable reason for that, but if they do not take steps to inform the court and make changes to the agreement, they will be faced with allegations of failure to pay child support. There are accompanying penalties and methods that child support enforcement will use to obtain those payments and both parents should be aware of them.

Income deduction can be used to take the money directly out of the working supporting parent's paycheck. If the parent does not work in Florida, the payments can still be deducted. New hire reporting is used to find out if the noncustodial parent is working. Every business reports newly hired and rehired employees to the state. The child support will then be deducted to pay for the child's care. License suspensions are a commonly used tactic. If the parent is behind on his or her payments, a driver's license, hunting license, fishing license or professional license can be suspended.

Asset interception and seizure is a way that payments will be received by the custodial parent. If there is past-due support, the state can intercept tax refunds, winnings from the lottery, unemployment payments and anything else that the noncustodial parent receives in order to pay for the child. Liens can be placed against properties including vehicles, houses, land and any other item of value.

A parent who has been ordered to pay child support but has failed to do so can face contempt of court charges. In this instance, the parent might even face incarceration if the money owed is substantial enough. Finally, an arrest warrant can be issued. With that, the parent may be arrested at home, work or when there has been a traffic stop. Florida takes child support seriously and there are penalties that can be assessed for delinquent payments. When a parent is not receiving what he or she is supposed to for child support, speaking to an attorney experienced in child support enforcement can help in moving forward with obtaining what is owed.

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