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June 2016 Archives

Navigating difficult property issues is key in a divorce

When Florida residents purchase or acquire property, there is no shortage of factors that must be addressed to handle the transaction successfully. From dealing with financing issues, to aspects of clearing title to the property and dealing with potential disputes with third parties, there are many things that must be considered.

Our firm represents individuals in child custody hearings

The Law Office of David B. Mitchell provides comprehensive family law services for individuals who live in the greater Miami metropolitan area. Included within the firm's areas of practice is the representation of people who are confronting legal questions and problems related to the custody of their children. Child custody is a complex area of the law and individuals addressing these matters deserve to have their cases handled by legal professionals who make family law their business.

Do courts allow setoffs or credits when the marital home is sold?

Over the course of a marriage, Florida residents frequently accumulate a number of different items of personal and real property. As discussed recently in this blog, the manner in which this property is divided in a divorce often turns on the character of the property, and whether it is marital property owned by both spouses or non-marital property belonging to just one spouse.

Do future book royalties count as marital property in Florida

Under Florida's "community property" laws, any assets and debts accumulated during the course of the marriage may be considered marital property, subject to valuation and equitable distribution between spouses in the event of divorce.

Marital property tag can mean everything in a divorce

Every Florida couple has a different relationship. Some couples choose to share all of their property and belongings with one another, for example, while other couples prefer to keep more independence. There is no single right way of doing things, of course, but the way a couple treats its property can have major implications on the asset division process that takes place in a divorce.

How do a spouse's contributions impact property division?

The decision of how to divide property between Florida residents going through a divorce is not an easy one. As discussed last week in this blog, the matter can become even more complicated when considering that courts can consider evidence of a parties' conduct, such as adultery, when dividing the couple's property in the divorce.

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