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July 2016 Archives

Divorce settlements can be positive result with proper care

At a time when it seems like compromise is a dirty word, many Florida residents are often able to resolve their differences in even the most serious of disputes. This is frequently the case when it comes to litigation, including divorce litigation, as the parties to the case are able to work out their differences to settle the case without having to go through a full trial.

What are the keys to a successful settlement agreement?

After even the most serious of disputes between Florida residents, individuals are often able to find common ground to resolve their differences. This happens in many divorce cases, as former spouses can find a way to settle their disagreements even after the most contentious of disputes.

Consider tax issues when drafting divorce settlements

One of the least favorite times of the year for many Florida residents is tax season. It can be painful, both in terms of time and money, to go through the process of filing one's tax return. This process can become more complicated following a divorce, as the Internal Revenue Service has specific rules on how income and liabilities are to be treated for tax purposes after a divorce.

Mental Illness: The Only Grounds For Divorce In Florida

What does it mean when we hear that Florida is a no-fault divorce state? Ordinarily, it means that either party may file for divorce without having to prove grounds. The courts recognize that if the marriage is irreparably broken for one party, it makes no legal sense to fight it to save it.

Watch out for tax issues when selling the home in a divorce

For many Florida residents, the largest purchase they will make in their lives is the family home. Given the value and importance of the family home, this real estate can be the most important piece of marital property that must be addressed in a divorce.

Is a prenuptial agreement right for you?

Planning a wedding is not without stress, but, for most Miami couples, the build-up to their wedding dates is full of anticipation and joy. There are many decisions that they must make about their futures, so the idea of divorce may not even enter their minds. However, as readers of this Florida family law blog know, divorce is a very real part of the American social culture and many new and long-term marriages end.

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