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Why prenuptial agreements are a necessity

When you get married, you aren't likely to be thinking that the marriage might end. While this can seem like a doomsday approach, it's important to protect both parties if the union doesn't turn out as expected. Prenuptial agreements are filed before marriage and give you a chance to discuss pesky details such as assets and finances while you are happy and in love rather than in the middle of a bitter divorce. Prenuptial agreements can determine the fate of property that was brought into the marriage by either spouse, properties the couple has purchased together and debt that was incurred during the marriage. The following are important reasons why every couple should have a prenuptial agreement.

You are a business owner

You may have built the business from scratch and be the one who runs the day-to-day operations, but without a prenuptial agreement, your spouse may be entitled to part of your business. If you have a business partner, this can be particularly troublesome. With a prenup, you guarantee that your former spouse isn't an unwanted partner in your company.

You plan to stay home and raise kids

As a father or a mother, if you choose to quit your job and stay home to raise kids, it will directly affect your income level and your wealth. With a prenuptial agreement, you can ensure that both parties bear the weight of raising children rather than putting the financial liability all on the shoulders of the stay-at-- home parent.

You are marrying someone with a lot of debt

If the person you marry has a lot of debt, you could end up responsible for those debts when the marriage ends. A prenuptial agreement guarantees that whoever came into the marriage with the debt is responsible for it after the marriage ends.

You have significant wealth

With a prenuptial agreement, you can be confident that your spouse is marrying you for who you are rather than your money. If you have significant wealth and your partner does not, this is a great way to protect your assets or wealth.

You want to protect your estate plan

A prenuptial agreement can ensure that your estate plan is carried out exactly how you intended it to be and that your spouse can't overturn anything in your will or trust. This may keep specific heirlooms or items in your family that have been there for decades.

If you are considering a marriage and want to protect your assets and ensure that you and your spouse are cared for financially, it may be beneficial to consult an attorney before taking the leap. 

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