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Child support can help pay for which child-rearing expenses?

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and most challenging jobs on the planet. Being a single-parent comes with it's own set of challenges when your child's parent is living in a different household. However, with child custody arrangements, the costs of rearing a child do not all need to be placed on the primary custodial parent. Child support is a topic that can be written into the child custody arrangement.

Child support is custom designed around the child's best interests and the financial limitations of a parent. Since child custody, and therefore child support, is not a one-size-fits-all decision it is a positive aspect that the decision can be designed to fit the needs of the child in the best way possible. Child support amounts cover basic needs, medical care, educational fees, child care, transportation and even fun things like entertainment. It's not just the bare necessities like mortgage, school lunch and clothing.

Parents living the in the same household wouldn't expect to just pay for their child's bare necessities. Applying that logic to child support, the child support isn't supposed to cover just basic needs. It encompasses all aspects of raising a child and that includes movie tickets, outing with friends and even vacations. Why should one parent expect to pay for all of the child's expenses and the other to pay for hardly any?

That wouldn't be fair to anyone, especially the child. Child support is a set amount determined by the court based on a variety of factors including parents' income and best interests of the child. It is designed this way to ensure the child has an environment that is favorable for growth and development. This in the child custody process will want to have a full understanding of costs and income to best present child support needs and limitation.

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