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Alimony basics in Florida

Spousal support, or alimony, is an important issue in many Florida divorces. It can also be a contentious issue and a subject of disagreement between the divorcing couple. Permanent alimony, for instance, may also be controversial in some situations. Under Florida law, there are several different categories of alimony for different situations. Because of this, the amount and duration of alimony can vary and is something divorcing couples should be familiar with.

What alimony is and when it is awarded

Alimony is traditionally thought of as a major bone of contention for divorcing couples. Although it is not awarded as often as many people think, it is still a thing, and Florida couples may find that alimony is an issue in their divorce. This blog post will provide some basic information about alimony, what it is and how it is awarded. More in-depth questions can be addressed by a family law attorney.

Is alimony reform coming to Florida in 2017?

When it comes to child custody and alimony, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, there are laws and past cases that set precedents as to how child custody and alimony are adapted to a family's situation based on the best interests of the child. Alimony has been a part of some people's divorce decrees based on certain factors between divorcing spouses. However, the process of how alimony is determined may be getting a makeover in 2017.

Don't be shy about requesting alimony during asset division

When the term alimony is thrown around, some aren't even sure what it means. To give some clarification, alimony is a term given to a scenario when one spouse pays the other regular sums of money after the divorce, usually because of an unfair division of actual and potential monies. While asset division is designed to be fair and equitable to both parties, sometimes factors make one person's post-divorce financial situation undesirable in relation to the other's position. That is where alimony comes in.

How is alimony determined in cases when it is awarded?

When it comes to divorce and asset division, many divorcing couples have questions about alimony and how it could affect their finances. The reality is that alimony could be awarded to a deserving spouse in the short or long-term. However, not all Miami couples will figure in any type of alimony payment during their property division. Alimony is only awarded in certain situations when one spouse's financial situation is unfair in terms of the other.

With alimony awards, one size does not fit all

It is not easy work for Florida residents to earn a living and provide for their family. The slightest disturbance in a person's income can drastically affect their ability to pay their monthly bills. This can be especially true following a divorce, when individuals may no longer have the income level they once enjoyed with their former spouse.

What type of alimony may be awarded by the court?

Every Florida resident is different from one another. It comes as no surprise then that every marriage is also unique, as couples find themselves facing different challenges, standards of living and other issues. And, of course, because every marriage is different, so too is every divorce.

When can alimony be awarded under Florida law?

As discussed in this blog last week, the outcome of a case can change drastically based on seemingly minor details. One such factor that can change matters right from the start of a case is where the case is filed, as different states have different laws that can impact the issues in the case.

Consider tax issues when drafting divorce settlements

One of the least favorite times of the year for many Florida residents is tax season. It can be painful, both in terms of time and money, to go through the process of filing one's tax return. This process can become more complicated following a divorce, as the Internal Revenue Service has specific rules on how income and liabilities are to be treated for tax purposes after a divorce.

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