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Child Custody Archives

What courts look for in determining child custody

In the process of a divorce, one of the more complicated and important decisions to be made is regarding child custody. It is not uncommon for parents to have very different opinions regarding child custody decisions, which could lead to heated discussions and difficulties in coming up with a mutually agreeable solution.

For child custody issues, have a strong advocate on your side

Of all the issues that can crop up in a divorce or separation, child custody is easily among the most fundamental. Most parents have very strong feelings about how and where their child should be raised. Sometimes disagreements about these issues develop immediately after a separation. Other times parents may think they are on the same page but later find that they do not agree on child custody.

In their divorce, Johansson and Dauriac disagree on child custody

In a child custody agreement, it's fairly common for parents to have fundamental disagreements over whom the child should live with and how the child should be brought up. But what if one parent plans to go to a different country after the separation? How should it be handled when that parent requests to have custody of the child in another country? This is a question many people in Miami may have to grapple with due to the international and cosmopolitan nature of the area's population.

A primer on child custody in Florida

Most folks in Miami have probably heard about contentious celebrity child custody battles, and they have a basic understanding of how child custody works. But child custody may be handled differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This blog post will provide an introduction to how Florida courts decide child custody matters, as well as the one consideration that is universal across all jurisdiction: the child's best interests.

Tips for a peaceful holiday post-custody arrangement

When you ask many parents, post-divorce or right after a new custody arrangement, many will say that the holidays are one of the tougher moments for a new family dynamic to adjust. This is because the holidays are likely centered around traditions steeped in family members playing certain roles around holiday time. That coupled with a change in cash flow due to new living arrangements can really change how the holidays look after a child custody arrangement is determined. So when it comes to the holidays, how does a parent promote peace after a relatively new custody arrangement?

Protecting parent-child relationships in Florida

There is perhaps nothing more important to Florida residents than the relationship they have with their children. Parenting can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time, particularly for parents dealing with custody issues following a divorce.

How does a Florida court evaluate the parent-child relationship?

Over the years, Florida parents grow in their relationship with their children. From bonding when the child is an infant, to watching the child mature into their own person, the relationship between parents and children evolves over time.

When can a court modify an existing child custody order?

As discussed recently in this blog, there is no shortage of disputes that can arise between Florida parents when it comes to visitation rights and custody decisions. Even a simple exchange of custody at school or another location can turn into a contentious dispute.

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