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Child Support Archives

How medical needs can impact child support

It is important for parents to be aware that in addition to child support obligations, they are also responsible for their child's medical needs and costs. Parents are responsible for uninsured and unreimbursed medical costs that result from their child's medical care. Examples can include co-pays, deductibles and prescription costs. Parents are responsible for medical costs resulting from medically necessary treatments and procedures.

Former NFL player jailed for failure to pay child support

Failure to pay child support is not treated lightly in Florida. Former New England Patriots running back Jonas Gray was recently jailed in Florida for failure to pay child support. After paying a $7,924 "cash purge," the former NFL running back was released from jail 17 hours after he turned himself in. The mother of Gray's child filed a paternity petition last year. The 33-year old woman gave birth to the couple's child in the fall of 2015.

Understanding post-divorce modifications

Life does not remain unchanged following divorce and the family law court recognizes that fact which is why it provides the option to modify a post-divorce agreement. Modifications may be possible in circumstances of child support, child custody and spousal support. While the family law court provides resources to modify a divorce agreement that no longer workers for the divorced couple, modifications must be pursued through the family law court.

How child support is determined in Florida

Parents in a variety of different circumstances may have concerns about child support. Child support is a significant obligation for many which must be taken seriously so it is helpful to understand how child support orders are determined. A child support order outlines the child support obligations parents have for their children.

How to seek a modification of a divorce settlement

Life does not stay the same following a divorce and as a divorcing couples looks to their future and life following divorce, the need for divorce settlement-related modifications may arise. In recognition of this, and the impact life changes may have on a divorce settlement, the family law process provides important resources to help when a modification is needed.

Child support payments can go farther than you think

Divorce undoubtedly can leave many Americans, including those from Coral Gables and the south Florida area, flustered. It is not uncommon for emotions to run exceptionally high during a divorce; in many cases, if a couple was able to work together and resolve differences, they would not be getting divorced in the first place.

How do I protect my kids while going through divorce?

When a marriage goes south and the possibility of a divorce becomes more likely, one of the most pressing concerns for divorcing parents is that their children's lives will be negatively affected. While human nature tends to embrace comfort, there are times when a change is necessary and is, ultimately, for the better for all parties involved. After all, children living in an unhealthy, unhappy and potentially toxic relationship with two sparring parents is not in their best interests.

What can Miami residents use child support payments for?

Contrary to popular belief, child support payments in the United States cover more than just the basic necessities of food and shelter. In fact, a general rule of thumb is that anything that can be used to enhance or improve a child's upbringing and growth likely can be paid for from child support payments.

Recover late child support payments to cover everyday expenses

Most parents would agree that raising children is a joy and a privilege. However, it is also a huge financial responsibility. When you are a single parent with physical custody, it is common to be awarded child support by a Florida family court. These payments come from the child's other parent who has been assigned a portion of the child's financial responsibility.

Child support and its effect on filing Florida tax return

With the turn of the year comes the time to think about one's financial situation at the end of the year. Come April, federal and/or state tax determinations or extensions are due for most Americans. When parents are raising a child in different households this can affect your tax return. Many are not sure how to account for child support and its effect on their tax return.

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