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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Factors you should consider before signing a prenup

As you are preparing for your wedding, you may be wondering if it is a good idea for you and your partner to sign a prenuptial contract. Although you both have great jobs, sizable savings and other assets, you may debate the value in signing an agreement because you do not intend to divorce.

What are some advantages of prenuptial agreements?

Marriages are usually thought of as romantic and emotional relationships, and that is no doubt a correct way of looking at them. But marriages are also economic and maybe even business relationships where both parties make sacrifices to benefit the couple and family as a unit. The economic nature of a marriage may have a greater or lesser degree of importance depending on the people involved and what stage of live they are at.

Prenuptial agreements can protect assets prior to marriage

Engaged couples have a lot of planning to do. Planning the wedding and planning for their future together is a hefty undertaking. It is an exciting time and it is also a time of change. For Miami couples looking to tie the knot, a prenuptial agreement can help to protect assets and allocate assets after a change in marital status.

Topics that can and can't be included in FL prenuptial agreement

More and more couples are making the decision to fit a prenuptial agreement into their wedding-planning process. Prenuptial agreements are a great platform for engaged couples to discuss financial matters pertaining to their marriage. After exploring their assets, both separate and marital, many couples make the decision to include a prenuptial agreement into their union. Prenuptial agreements can outline a variety of matters and there are also a few that they cannot contain.

Why prenuptial agreements are a necessity

When you get married, you aren't likely to be thinking that the marriage might end. While this can seem like a doomsday approach, it's important to protect both parties if the union doesn't turn out as expected. Prenuptial agreements are filed before marriage and give you a chance to discuss pesky details such as assets and finances while you are happy and in love rather than in the middle of a bitter divorce. Prenuptial agreements can determine the fate of property that was brought into the marriage by either spouse, properties the couple has purchased together and debt that was incurred during the marriage. The following are important reasons why every couple should have a prenuptial agreement.

Is a prenuptial agreement right for you?

Planning a wedding is not without stress, but, for most Miami couples, the build-up to their wedding dates is full of anticipation and joy. There are many decisions that they must make about their futures, so the idea of divorce may not even enter their minds. However, as readers of this Florida family law blog know, divorce is a very real part of the American social culture and many new and long-term marriages end.

Protecting assets with a prenuptial agreement

A divorce can be an upsetting time for Florida residents. It can be emotionally challenging and financially difficult. Individuals have to separate their entire lives as a married couple and begin to live separately. This process can be overwhelming for some and take a lot of effort to complete.

When will a prenuptial agreement not be enforced?

Florida residents often take each other at their word. When disputes arise, however, individuals may disagree about previous agreements they reached, including what was intended at the time the agreement was made and whether they even agreed to anything at all.

What issues are covered in a prenuptial agreement?

Florida residents often spend years, or even decades, advancing in their careers and building up their wealth. As a person's income grows, so too does their ability to purchase more valuable assets, make investments and engage in other financial planning to put their dollars to work.

Prenuptial agreements can help protect assets

Though it seems to rob the union of marriage and holy matrimony of its romantic and loving blissful charm, having a prenuptial agreement in place can mean the difference between a couple who are stuck in divorce court for years and haggling over every little thing, and having a relatively quick and straightforward divorce that protects the assets of everyone involved. With so many marriages ending in divorce, many find it is prudent in this day and age to be ahead of the curve so to speak and be proactive, rather than reactive.

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