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If you are contemplating marriage or have just been presented with a prenuptial agreement to consider, you need to  understand this unique legal contract. With the divorce rate between forty and fifty percent (and much higher for second and third marriages), a prenup is a wise ‘insurance policy’ in case of divorce. A prenup is truly important if you have children from a prior relationship, a business to protect, a desire to limit exposure to alimony or you wish to protect specific assets in divorce. A good prenup can turn a potentially lengthy and expensive court battle into a much simpler matter. Florida’s Uniform Prenuptial Agreement Act provides a clear guide for preparing a successful prenup. A proper prenup requires full financial disclosure, a reasonable provision for the less-wealthy spouse in a divorce, and sufficient time between presenting the agreement to your fiance and the wedding. Preparing a prenup requires the guidance of a qualified, experienced family lawyer to ensure a solid agreement that will withstand any challenges at the time of divorce.

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