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Child Custody & Time Sharing

Child Custody (Time Sharing) And Relocation Attorney

No matter how difficult a custody and time-sharing dispute may be for you and your former partner, no one is more adversely affected than your children. It can be challenging to grapple with the fact that you will no longer be putting your child to bed every single night. Adjustments must take place in order to support the development and growth of your child. These changes come in the form of time sharing, formerly known in Florida as child custody.

I am attorney David B. Mitchell, and at my Coral Gables-based law firm, I have more than 30 years of experience working with individuals in South Florida as they navigate the complexities of time sharing. I understand how challenging and frustrating this process can be, but I am determined to give you the information you need to make the best choices possible for you and your children. We will discuss legal custody, physical custody, joint custody and visitation.

In most cases, family law courts in Miami-Dade County and other area counties will rule in favor of shared parental responsibility (joint decision-making) for your children. All children benefit from maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship with both parents. I will carefully examine your family dynamic and give you the practical guidance and advice you deserve during this challenging time.

Fathers’ rights, child relocation (which can sometimes translate to child abduction) can also become hot issues as you negotiate or revisit your child custody and time sharing arrangement. I am available to answer your questions on all of these matters, including modifications and enforcement. Should you choose to resolve your time sharing issues by utilizing family mediation or collaborative family law, I am highly experienced in these areas as well.

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