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Child Support

Miami-Dade County Child Support Attorney

Child support is essential to help give your child a life close to the one before you and your partner parted. Child support is important to the development and growth of your child, and it is calculated according to statutory child support guidelines. An experienced Miami attorney can help your child obtain the financial support to which he or she is entitled.

I am attorney David B. Mitchell, and I have worked with hundreds of South Florida families negotiating child support agreements for more than 30 years. Many factors must be examined to determine which parent will be required to pay child support and how much that amount will be.

I carefully look into these factors with you as I keep your goals and concerns in mind. If you would like to create your own child support agreement outside of the courtroom, you can choose the collaborative family law or family mediation process. I am a certified family mediator and trained in collaborative family law. I am highly equipped to help my clients in Coral Gables and surrounding communities as they navigate these alternatives in a way that supports the best interests of their child.

If you are a single mother looking to collect child support, or a father who is attempting to assert your custody rights, you may first need to establish paternity. Also, should the parent who is paying child support fail to pay or make late payments, you may need to seek an enforcement order. If you have experienced a significant life change that is preventing you from paying child support as ordered, I can help you prepare a modification. Regardless of your need, I am committed to giving you the personalized legal representation that you deserve.

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