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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a serious issue. If you are a victim of abuse, you must get protection for you and your children as quickly as possible. If you have been accused of committing domestic violence on a loved one, it is essential that you retain an experienced attorney who can aggressively defend your rights.

At my firm, the Law Office of David B. Mitchell, P.A., I have more than 30 years of experience working with Miami area individuals throughout Coral Gables and surrounding communities as we handle this emotionally difficult and legally uncompromising area of family law. I work with both the accused individuals and victims. This allows me to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to each case.

Compassionately Protecting Domestic Violence Victims

If you have been physically or emotionally abused by your current or former partner, I can help you protect yourself. We will work together to obtain a protective order so that you and your children can begin rebuilding your lives in a safer, more supported way.

Taking action against someone you love who hurts you is one of the most overwhelming, yet brave things an individual can do. I will stand by your side and advocate for your rights as I help you obtain an outcome that serves your best interests.

Aggressively Defending Those Accused Of Domestic Abuse

Families are built on very personal relationships. A domestic abuse charge is a serious issue. Even if your accuser wants to retract his or her accusation, an investigation may still occur. I will perform my own investigation and make sure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

If you are convicted, you could lose access to your children and even face jail time and probation. I am committed to helping you obtain the best outcome possible regardless of how difficult your situation seem is now.

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To learn more about my firm and speak with an experienced domestic violence lawyer, email me or call 305-704-7347.

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